Flemish science agenda



Will we ever be able to teleport from point A to point B? When will we discover all possible chess combinations? Will robots ever be able to think creatively and produce art? These are just 3 of the 10,559 questions that the Flemish population has sent in for Vraag voor de wetenschap or ‘Question for science’. With this campaign, we are looking for questions that people in Flanders are asking themselves and which they would like to have answered by the scientific world in the near future. We are using the questions to establish a Flemish Scientific Agenda. It will serve as an inspiration for Flemish science in the coming years. Minister Philippe Muyters will receive the agenda at the opening session of the event. And you’ll discover the most striking questions: 

  • Fundaments and limits of science.
  • I WANT YOU … FOR CITIZEN SCIENCE / You too can contribute to the science of tomorrow.
  • Science for the community of the future.
  • Science for our day-to-day lives. 

It will be possible to enrol as from mid-September. Keep an eye on the website for more information.